3D Architectural Animation Services - Mighty Visage Studios
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3D Architectural Animation Services

Here at Mighty Visage Studios along with 3d photo realistic architectural visualization we offer 3D architectural animation services, from 3D animation video walkthroughs to fully immersive Virtual Reality interactive experiences using the latest VR headset equipment.

We specilise in 3D architectural visualisations and animations for both interior and exterior scenes and often merging the two into a single animation.

Check out our 3D Animation demo Reel:

Virtual Reality

As well as 3D architectural animation services with offer Virtual Reality (VR), which is a great way to show clients your vision. With various VR options, depending on audience, technology available and project budget, it is a very good way to enhance your clients’ interactivity and therefore commitment and participation to the project. VR is a great alternative option to 3D animation video walk-throughs.

Virtual Reality Visual

Virtual Reality 360° Views

These allow you to walk-through a space by clicking on hotspots and with a 360° views of each of the spaces it a great way to immerse the client into your design. Also viewed from a web browser (Chrome, Firefox…) it allows remote viewing on low spec machines, even mobiles.

Unlike 3D animation video walk-throughs 360 views allow the user to look where they want at the pace they want before moving to the next 3D space.

VR 360° views also include Google cardboard compatiblity turning your phone into an immersive VR Headset.

Virtual Reality Visual

Below are a couple of links to check out the VR 360° View demos:

Retirement Village Apartment

Retirement Village Common Areas

Virtual Reality Full Headset (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive)


This option uses the biggest names in VR headsets to create a fully immersive experience. The user of the headset really feels like they are in the space they are viewing and can walk through and look around as if they are actually there.


For those clients who don’t wish to put the headset on, it can be view on a TV screen and you can walk through the space like an interactive computer game level using a keyboard or games controller.


This option is harder to demonstrate over the internet due to the need of a headset, get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration.

Call 020 3150 1755 or email sales@mightyvisage.co.uk