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Architectural Animation Studio

Welcome to Mighty Visage Studios. We are an architectural animation studio and so much more. We offer 3D visualisation services to architects, property developers and interior designers all over the world. We create great looking images, VR and animations for design, marketing, planning and presentations (pitches). Architectural animations are commonly referred to as 3D walkthroughs or 3D flythroughs. Essentially they are the same thing.

Mighty Visage Studios Intro

Mighty Visage Render Studio was born from the successful joining of two 3D architectural animation studios. Both studios were offering some of the best architectural visualisation in the UK and the merger was a bit of a no-brainer. Since Mighty Emu and Visage Studios joined forces we have seen steady growth and stability and continue to produce some of the best architectural walkthroughs, best 3D renders for interior designers and best property CGI’s for property developers and home builders.


As a general rule, an architectural animation studio will make produce 3D animations to help our clients successfully ‘sell’ something. Whether the idea is to sell a concept, vision, or the actual building itself, 3D walkthroughs and flythroughs go a long way to getting that all-important sign-off from your clients or the signature on the contract. Moving images have played an important role in sales for years. When it’s not possible to film the real-life version, we can help.

To bring a 2D plan to life in full-colour 3D splendor is very satisfying. There are nearly no bounds to the scope of what we can produce in these animations. If you can imagine it, we can visualise it.

The Mighty Team

Our team of 3D artists are professional, helpful and experienced visualisers who work closely with our clients to ensure we are creating exactly what is needed and wanted. There are no two visualisation projects the same. We approach each job with that in mind and match your requirements to the final draft.

We use story boards, extensive libraries of high-quality 3D models and artfully constructed scenes, textures and lighting to create flowing animations that accurately show-off your designs, spaces and buildings.

What We Offer

We have a wide variety of 3D modelling and rendering services available which should cover nearly all of your 3D and CGI requirements. We create 3D images for nearly any purpose. 360 degree interactive tours for property developers and home builders. Photomontage imagery for architects and developers. Animations for marketing companies, interior designers and architects. Virtual Reality for forward thinking companies that want a higher level of interactivity for their audience. Moving 3D models for racing yachts. And, of course, loft extension visuals. From skyscrapers to watches, coffee machines to racing yachts, we have the capability to create whatever you need in high quality 3D splendidness.

How We Work

Architectural Animation Studio processes vary from company to company. We have adopted a method that seems to work perfectly. It is the same for still images and animations. It allows for our customers to be involved and have some input in the creative process. These two pages explain (for images) the 3D visualisation process and how we create 3D visualisations for interior designers.

We Aim to Please

Customer satisfaction is very important to us here at Mighty Visage. All of your 3D architectural animation requirements can be met by our creative team and we relish a good challenge. We will do whatever we can to make sure you and your clients are happy with every 3D visualisation we work on.

We know how important it is for you to keep your clients happy and we feel the same.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or are just dipping your toe into the wonderful world of architectural animation, we would love to hear from you.

Give us a call

For a no obligation custom quote, or just to discuss details, get in touch.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 0203 150 1755, drop us an email, or click the contact tab at the top of the page. We look forward to seeing your next project, and hopefully, working with you in the future.

    Architectural Animation Studio - Our Team of 3D Visualizers Pretending to Work Hard
    Architectural Animation Studio – Our Team of 3D Visualizers Pretending to Work Hard