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Architectural Rendering Company

We are an architectural rendering company that specialises in 3D CGI rendering and visualisations for architects, interior designers and property developers. Here at Mighty Visage render studio, we have been producing high quality architectural renderings for over 15 years. Our client list extends the world over, and we are proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in architecture and interior design. Our 3D visuals are predominantly used for planning, marketing and design purposes.

Architectural Rendering Company - Exterior CGI
Architectural Rendering Company – Exterior CGI

Mighty Visage Studios – Architectural rendering Company

We are based just south of London, in historic East Grinstead, we offer our architectural rendering services to all of London and the south-east. Since the invention of a clever communication device called ‘the Internet’, we now work with clients from all over the world.

Mighty Visage Studios was formed from two parent companies a few years ago. The merger between Mighty Emu and Visage Studios led to the formation of Mighty Visage Studios. It was an inspired move and has seen steady expansion ever since.

As one of the best architectural rendering companies we can create a whole range of 3D visualizations and CGI animations. From photorealistic exterior visualisation and archviz (architectural visualisation) to interior 3D rendering and animations and walkthroughs. Virtual reality tours are becoming more popular recently and we have created a number of interesting VR tours for our clients.

Architectural Company 3D Archviz

The 3D Team

We’re fortunate to have a brilliant team of professional and talented 3D visualisers that work closely with our clients to ensure we are creating exactly what is needed and wanted. There are no two visualisation projects the same. We approach each job with that in mind and match your requirements to the final draft.

We use your plans, elevations, mood boards and our extensive libraries of high-quality 3D models to artfully construct scenes and spaces. By adding high quality textures and lighting we can accurately and aesthetically show-off your designs and take your visions one step closer to reality.


Within this page you can find a few examples of the architectural rendering work we have done over the last few years. More samples of our work can be found on our online portfolio. If you are looking for a particular style of 3D visual or rendering, for a particular project, but can’t see what you are looking for, get in touch and we’ll see if we can send over some examples that might suit your requirements.

Exterior 3D Render - Archviz
Exterior 3D Render – Archviz

The Art of Selling

In general, our clients will have photorealistic architectural rendering created in order to help them ‘sell’ something. It could be a design they are trying to sell to their clients. It could be an idea or concept an architect is trying to get across to their customers. Or, it could be plain, old-fashioned, trying to sell something, like a property or commercial space. High-quality photorealistic 3D rendering gives more value to the future project and increases your opportunity to sell that vision. There are no limits to what we can create in full-colour 3D photorealistic glory. If you can imagine it, we can visualise it.

3D Modelling and Rendering - Cityscape 3D Render
3D Modelling and Rendering – Cityscape 3D Render

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is top priority of this architectural rendering company, we take pride in our work. If you would like a 3D visualiser to work on your next architectural rendering project please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you on your next archviz project.

Our portfolio has more examples of work we have done over the past few years.

Phone on 0203 150 1755, drop us an email, or click the contact tab at the top of the page to get in touch.

    3D Exterior Architectural Rendering Services - The Mighty Visage Team of 3D Visualisers
    3D Exterior Architectural Rendering Services – The Mighty Visage Team of 3D Visualisers