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Architecture 3D Models

Architecture 3D models is the process of creating photo realistic 3D architectural models and images to allow the viewer to visualise their building or interior as though it was already built. This is an example of before (CGI) and after (photo).

Here at Mighty Visage Studios London our 3D modelling artists have been creating beautiful architecture 3D models for over 15 years. Obviously, as technology improves the standard of architecture 3D models has also improved.

Architecture 3D Models - Award Winning Architecture
Architecture 3D Models – Award Winning Architecture

Our Team

Our creative team can produce wonderful architecture 3D models from your plans, elevations and architectural drawings. By adding textures, lighting, models and accessories we can make your plans come to life. Architecture 3D models allow you or your client to visualise your project in its finished glory. Not only can this keep them committed but gives them a chance to be involved.

Architecture 3D Models - Unique Architecture
Architecture 3D Models – Unique Architecture

Selling an idea

As a general rule, 3D visuals (including 3D animations) are produced to help successfully ‘sell’ something. Whether they are used to sell an idea, concept, design, vision or an actual product, they go a long way to getting that all-important sign-off. They can be used to get your clients on-board. When it is not possible to film the subject in real life, we can help. Because we model on the computer, the limits are really your imagination. If you can imagine it, we can visualise it.

Architectural 3D models can be made of an interior space for design purposes. They can also be used for exterior 3D models.

CGI Apartment
CGI Apartment

Mighty Visage London has been at the forefront of photorealistic 3D visualisation for over 15 years. Our fantastic team of 3D rendering artists produce some of the most striking architectural 3D models in the world. More examples of our work can be found on our portfolio.

Customer Satisfaction

It is our aim to make sure every one of our customers is 100 percent satisfied with any work that has been done for them, it is really the team that produce the architectural 3D models that are responsible for getting the job done to an exceptionally high standard. Any architectural 3D models we create are vetted by us and our client to ensure the result is as expected or better.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or are just starting your journey into the wonderful world of 3D visualisation, we would love to be part of your future project. Please feel free to contact us by phone on 0203 150 1755, drop us an email, or click the contact tab at the top of the page. We look forward to working on your next project.