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Interactive Virtual Reality Tour

Interactive Virtual Reality Tour: Here at Mighty Visage Studios we create interactive virtual reality (VR) tours of interior and exterior spaces.

3D renders have been used for years to show how a project will look when it is finished. We now have the technology to allow your potential clients and buyers to walk through a 3D environment and interact with it.


You no longer have to follow a predetermined route as you tour a home or commercial space. The user is control of position and viewpoint. Interactive Virtual Reality is extremely immersive and gives the feeling you are really there.

New build projects are perfect for interactive virtual reality tours as the customer can walk around and appreciate a space before it is built. This allows for off plan sales and for designers it is indispensable.

Once built, you can simply send your customer a link for them to follow and can view online in a headset of their own.

VR Demo

Because of the nature of using a VR headset it is very difficult to show you how it works but we are happy to pay you a visit and give a demonstration.

Use your mouse to move around the space below. Click on the highlighted areas to move to the next space.

For those clients who don’t wish to put the headset on, it can be viewed on a TV screen and you can walk through the space like an interactive computer game level using a keyboard or games controller.

Customer satisfaction is exceptionally important to us here at Mighty Visage render studio, London. All of your 360 and Virtual Reality needs can be met by our creative team and we relish a good challenge. We will do everything in our power to make sure you and your clients are happy with every project we work on. Other projects we have worked on can be found on our portfolio.

We know how important it is for you to keep your clients happy and we feel exactly the same.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or are just starting in the wonderful world of Virtual Reality, we would love to hear from you. If you would like us to work on an Interactive Virtual Reality Tour, please contact us for a no obligation quote by phone on 0203 150 1755, drop us an email, or click on the contact tab (top of the page). We are looking forward to seeing your next project come to life.

Interactive Virtual Reality Tour
Interactive Virtual Reality Tour