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Photorealistic 3D

Photorealistic 3D rendering has come a long way in recent years. Primarily used by architects, property developers and interior designers, photorealistic rendering is used for planning permission, marketing and design purposes.

From plans and elevations the photorealistic images produced can create a buzz around your upcoming build or interior. It allows your client to visualise your project in its finished glory. Not only can this keep them committed but gives them a chance to be involved.

3D Visualization London - Interior Visualization for Interior Designers - Photorealistic 3D
3D Visualization London – Interior Visualization for Interior Designers

Mighty Visage Studios – Photorealistic 3D Images and animations

Here at Mighty Visage Render Studios, based just south of London, we have been creating high-quality photorealistic 3D visuals and animations for nearly twenty years. Since its formation a few years ago from Mighty Emu and Visage Studios, the merger has seen a steady growth and stability. We recognise that our most import asset is our staff, however, in this business, keeping up to date with hardware and software comes close. We have some of the best kit around and our sizable render farm helps keep projects moving with minimal downtime.

Bar and Restaurant Visualised for Oliver Steer - Photorealistic 3D
Bar and Restaurant Visualised for Oliver Steer

Our Team of Visualisers

We are fortunate to have a professional, friendly and helpful team of experienced and dedicated 3D visualisers who work closely with our clients to ensure we are creating exactly what is needed and wanted. We do not take this for granted. We attribute almost the entire value of our business to the staff and their commitment. Our team is made up of some of the best 3D visualisers in the business. They utilise an intriguing mix of technical perfection and creative talents to produce these photorealistic renders. With continual professional development, training and the desire to be better, our 3D artists are always on the forefront of what software and hardware can offer.

Creating Photorealistic 3D Renders

Producing these photorealistic renders is time consuming and requires a fair amount of training and experience. There are quite a few steps to go through but for the sake of this rundown a few of these steps have been removed. This is our standard process, however, bearing in mind that no two projects are the same, it can be changed and tweaked to suit the project.

Step 1 – Get the details form the client. These can include plans, elevations and FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment), photos of the space, design sketches or measurements. The more info we are given the better. We have, however, made an impressive rendering from a photo of a sketch on a napkin!

Interior Design Visualisation - Plans
Interior Design 3D Visualisation – Plans

Step 2 – We create the wire-frame models of everything in the scene. From the plug sockets to the skylights. From the walls to the cauliflower in the vegetable rack.

Interior Design Visualisation - Wireframe Model
Interior Design 3D Visualisation – Wireframe Model

Step 3 – The models get covered in white material and shadows are dropped in. We call these ‘greys’. A few options for each required view are sent over to the client to choose which view they want. This is the best time for the client to adjust camera angles, check everything is in the right place and make any changes they feel necessary.

Interior Design Visualisation - Greys
Interior Design 3D Visualisation – Greys

Step 4 – We add the textures, materials and lighting into the scene and send to ‘render’. Once it comes back, we do some post production in photoshop and send to the client for comments. We call this Colour 1 (C1 for short)

Interior Design Visualisation - Colour 1 - Photorealistic
Interior Design 3D Visualisation – Colour 1

Step 5 – The customer will note any changes, corrections or amendments and give back to us for…

Interior Design Visualisation - Mark-ups
Interior Design 3D Visualisation – Mark-ups

Step 6 – The final issue!

Interior Design 3D Visualisation - Final Issue - Photorealistic 3D
Interior Design 3D Visualisation – Final Issue

The final issue is now exactly what they were going for. It is a decent 3D photorealistic rendering of the Ed Boyle Library Cafe. The designers used this to get approval for their designs and the project was complete a short while after.

It is worth noting that a photorealistic 3D render can save you costs in the long run by having your designs brought to life and therefore being able to make changes and adjustments on paper rather than making expensive adjustments after the build or design.

3D Architectural Visualization - Award Winning Architecture
3D Architectural Visualization – Award Winning Architecture


The price of having a photorealistic 3D image produced could save you thousands of pounds. From the beginning to the end of your project we will be on hand to help with the photorealistic 3D renders. We also offer a wide selection of different CGI solutions to make your project the best it could be. These include fly throughs and walk throughs. More examples can be found on our portfolio.

Before and After

The Slider Image below is one of our 3D CGI planning visuals (the one with the cars) and the other image is a photo of the completed build – Spot the difference by dragging left and right.

Selling your Idea

As a general rule, a 3D render studio will make these 3D photorealistic images to help our customers successfully ‘sell’ something. Whether the idea is to sell a concept, vision, or the actual building itself, 3D images go a long way to getting that all-important sign-off from your clients or the signature on the contract. High-quality visuals have played an important role in sales for years and when it’s not possible to photograph the real-life version, we can help.

To bring a 2D plan to life in full-colour 3D splendour is very satisfying. There are nearly no bounds to the scope of what we can produce in these walkthroughs. If you can imagine it, we can visualise it.

3D Product Render and Product Visualisation for Manufacture and Design-Watch by Jacob & Co
3D Product Render and Product Visualisation for Manufacture and Design-Watch by Jacob & Co

Customer Satisfaction

Whatever 3D visuals, images, animations or VR services you may have had us create, we will work towards ensuring you and your clients are completely happy with the end results. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us here at Mighty Visage Studios. We know how important it is to keep your clients happy, and we feel the same.

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just looking at having your first photorealistic visual produced, we are here to help guide you where necessary, and follow your lead when required.

Get in touch

For a no obligation custom quote in minutes, or just to discuss details, get in touch.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 0203 150 1755, drop us an email, or click the contact tab at the top of the page. We look forward to seeing your next project, and hopefully, cultivating a long-term working relationship with you.

    3D Modelling and Rendering - Our Team of Visualisers
    3D Modelling and Rendering – Our Team of Visualisers